10/21/2023 - Roll for Initiative

A Critical Hit Match Play / 3-Strikes style tournament.


  • Two-phase Match Play / 3-Strikes Critical Hit style tournament
  • Doors open at 11:00am for practice
  • Roll a CRITICAL HIT when registering and earn extra spell cards
  • Every player will receive initial spell cards before we start play
  • Earn spell cards during Match Play
  • The number of match-play rounds will depend on attendance
  • The number spell cards awarded during match-play will depend on attendance
  • 3-Strikes knockout phase begins after the match-play round is complete
  • $200 cash prize pool + achievements
  • Please bring snacks/drinks to share
  • Pizza will be provided later in the day for dinner
Saturday, October 21st 2023
What Time:
Doors open at 11:00am for practice
FREE ENTRY + potluck
Phase 1:
Match Play/Earn Spell Cards each round
Phase 2:
3-Strikes Elimination after phase 1 is complete
1096 Sandwick Way
Folsom, CA 95258

2023 Roll for Initiative, Match Play / 3-Strikes Critical Hit Tournament

This will be a Critical Hit style tournament inspired by and using Karl DeAngelo's series of Critical Hit cards. Rolling a D20 and playing cards before or during a game puts an interesting and fun twist on this event. Earn spell cards during the first phase match play and then utilize them to survive during the second phase knockout round.

General Rules:
  • Upon registration, every player will roll a D20 for a chance to earn one or more random spell cards, depending on attendance.
  • Before we begin play, players will receive random spell cards, the number depending on attendance.
  • During Phase 1, players can earn spell cards through group match play.
  • During Phase 2, players can then use their spell cards during the knockout portion of the tournament.
  • The tournament director has sole discretion over the resolution of all spell cards played.
  • Please be patient while spell cards are being played, it can get a little hectic.
  • FREE ENTRY with a $200 cash prize pool, PLUS phase 1 achievement prizes.
  • Bang backs and death saves are not allowed.
  • Rulings will adhere to the PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules as closely as possible.
FREE ENTRY, plus please bring something to share for a potluck.
Pizza will be provided later in the day for dinner.
1st place$100 CASH
2nd place$50 CASH
3rd place$30 CASH
4th place$20 CASH
Available Game List (subject to change at any moment):
  • Spider-man (Stern, vault)
  • Venom (pro)
  • Iron Maiden (Stern, pro)
  • Rush (pro)
  • Foo Fighters (pro)
  • Jurassic Park (Stern, prem)
  • Avengers: Infinity Quest (prem)
  • TRON (pro)
  • The Walking Dead (pro)
  • James Bond (Stern, pro)
  • Star Trek (Stern, vault)
  • The Addams Family
  • Jack*Bot
  • Congo
  • Harlem Globetrotters
Experience Building - Match Play Phase:
  • Players will be placed into groups of 3 or 4.
  • After each game, players will earn one or more spell cards based on their finishing position.
  • The number of cards earned per game will depend on attendance.
  • Upon the conclusion of this phase, no more spell cards will be earned or given out.
  • Games and positions will be assigned by the tournament software.
  • Players DO NOT play spell cards during this phase.
Prizes will be offered for the following experience building achievements:
If there is a "tie" for a prize, the prize will NOT be paid out!
  • $10 - Most spell cards earned at the end of experience building
  • $20 - Fewest spell cards earned at the end of experience building
  • $100 - During any round, choose to play blindfolded and DO NOT come in last place
    • You must declare your intention to play blindfold BEFORE the round is drawn
    • That means before you know who you are playing, which game, and if any opponent also plans to play blindfolded
    • You MUST forfeit ONE spell card, selected at random by the TD
    • This challenge is PER ROUND, so it’s possible that you could play blindfolded for 3 rounds during experience building, NOT take last in each round, and win a total of $300…$100 for each round
    • If more than one person in a group plays blindfolded, every blindfolded degenerate who does not take last during that group’s round will win $100
    • I will provide a blindfold or you may use your own, subject to the approval of the TD
Survival Round - 3-Strikes Knockout Phase:
  • Players will be assigned into groups of 3 or 4 at the beginning of each round.
  • Each player rolls a D20.
  • The player with the highest roll gets first choice of game OR position.
  • The player with the second highest roll gets second choice, and so on.
  • If a player rolls a CRITICAL HIT [20], they get both game AND position choice, plus they (re-)assign positions to all other players in their group.
  • Each player can only select each game ONCE for the entire tournament until all selections have been exhausted.
  • Only open games can be chosen, no waiting for games.
  • After the match, the two players with lowest scores in the group receive a strike.
  • For a three player group, only the lowest scoring player will receive a strike.
  • After a player has 3 strikes, they are out of the tournament.
  • During this phase is when players are allowed to play spell cards.
  • Playing spell cards will be explained at the beginning of this phase.
  • A Shatter spell card cannot be used to shatter another Shatter spell card.
  • The tournament director has sole discretion on spell card resolution.