6/6/2015 - Bounty Bracket Battle


1 Michael H.
2 Mike B.
3 Chelsey B.
4 Adam P.
5 Damien C.
6 Andrew C.
7 Eric N.
8 Jenn C.
9 Kelsi H.
10 Cassidy T.
11 Chris B.
12 Dan F.
13 Juniper N.
14 Bryan B.
15 Hannah B.

Bounty Bracket Battle Tournament Winners - Michael H., Mike B., Chelsey B.

Note: WPPR Points awarded (this tournament is sanctioned by the IFPA)
Saturday, June 6th 2015
What Time:
12:00pm practice, play starts at 1:00pm
Woodbridge CA 95258
  • Match-play
  • Best 2-out-of-3
  • 3 strikes bracket
  • Brackelope will be used, if supported
  • Match-play, best 2-out-of-3 game matches.
  • 3 strikes, elimination style bracket tournmanet.
  • Tournament will be run through Brackelope, if format is fully supported.
  • Tournament will be ran manually by hand if Brackelope cannot be used.
  • Random machine draw for game 1.
  • Loser picks machine OR position for games 2 and 3, if necessary.
  • CCPL season champions have a bounty on them that anyone can claim.
  • Any player that eliminates a CCPL season champion will collect $5.
$20 per player
1st place40%
2nd place30%
3rd place20%
4th place10%
5-8 places
(if more than 16 players)
$5 each
CCPL Champion Bounties*$5 each
*Bounties are collected by eliminating former CCPL season champions from the tournament.
CCPL-West Champions, CCPL-Folsom Champions