11/29/2019 - 2019 Black Friday Tournament

A target match play style tournament.

WPPR Points awarded (this tournament is sanctioned by the IFPA)

Friday, November 29th 2019
What Time:
Doors open at 10:00am, play begins at 11:00am sharp
1096 Sandwick Way
Folsom, CA 95258
  • Target match play style tournament to 21 points
  • Doors open at 10:00am for practice
  • FREE entry, with prizes for top 4
  • Please bring snacks/drinks to share

2019 Black Friday Tournament, Target Match Play

Our annual Black Friday tournament, this year we are doing a Pinball at the Lake style target match play format. Every round is match play and you gain points for how you finish each match. Reach the target score before others to advance to the finals.

Qualifying Format:
  • Target Match Play
  • 21 Points Needed to Qualify
  • 5/3/2/1 scoring per round.
  • 4 player groups, randomly assigned games.
  • Top 8 advance to finals.
  • Play until all 8 slots are filled or until 5:30pm.
  • Bang backs and death saves are not allowed.
  • If possible, software tiebreakers will be used for finals seeding. Otherwise, random game playoffs as needed.
  • Rulings will adhere to the PAPA/IFPA Tournament Rules as closely as possible.
Finals Format:
  • PAPA Style, 4 player group match play
  • 3 games each match
  • 4, 2, 1, 0 scoring for each games finishing position
  • Top two from each semi-finals match advance to finals
  • Prizes for top 4 finishers.
FREE, just bring snacks/drinks to share
1st placefirst choice prize selection
2nd placesecond choice prize selection
3rd placethird choice prize selection
4th placefourth choice prize selection